What Should I Do?!

Dealing with Uncertainty

A Course to Manage Stress & The Unknown

Do you dread uncertainty?

If you answered yes, we can help

We’re Jennifer and Kathryn and we’ve been doing this work for 19 and 15 years respectively, sorting through all the noise, distractions, and spirals of stress that our minds create.  In doing this, we’ve become very good at spotting patterns and unworkable habits and helping our clients become aware of what is causing their current experience.  If you find fault with yourself for not knowing what the next "right" thing is and consistently find yourself preoccupied with achieving more (while not feeling much satisfaction for what came before), this course can help.  While there is no “quick fix” (much as our minds crave one), there are some important and fundamental conversations, practices, and strategies that are extremely helpful and we’d love to share them with you in Dealing with Uncertainty.

This course is for you if...

You're Introspective

And willing to do introspective work to get at the root of your stress and dread of uncertainty.

You're in Avoidance Mode 

You spend a lot of time imagining how to avoid bad outcomes as opposed to creating good ones.

You think in "Have tos" and "Shoulds"

You're burdened by constantly thinking about what you HAVE to do next instead of what you are inspired to do.

You're Stressed Out 

And it's more than just occasional.

You Want a Sustainable Solution

You've tried talking yourself out of your stressful thinking and it hasn't worked and you are ready for a deeper solution.

You're afraid of slowing down

And you worry that one day you'll wake up thinking, "has anything I've done mattered at all?"

What is Stress?

Stress is often created when you aren't connected to who you are.  This can show up globally, as in “What am I doing with my life?!” and this can show up topically as in, “How should I respond to my boss!?”  Getting at the root of stress means getting to the root of you.  

When we get frightened, we want control; we want to know the “right” answers.  We think we dread uncertainty, but uncertainty isn’t the problem.  We love uncertainty when it comes as surprise gifts or an unexpected bonus at the end of the year.  Our fear and subsequent need to do it the “right” way, not have anyone judge us, or take the wrong step is where we cause a huge amount of stress and anxiety for ourselves.

Key Course Benefits

Dealing with Uncertainty 

Experience more ease in your life 

With our technology & new perspectives on self-doubt, comparisons, and should-ing, we will help you reach a state of well-being that is more consistent and self-sourced.

Get back to what really matters to YOU

As we reconnect with and remember our voice, decision making becomes much simpler.  Where are you currently putting your efforts?  Does that serve you?  Our techniques and workbook exercises will support you in finding those answers.

create sustainable change & new patterns

This isn't just another self-help course that dazzles at the start and then stops working.  Our work is designed to strengthen your relationship with yourself.  It is not about relying on us, but learning to rely on yourself.

Our Clients

This program really helped me...

This program really helped me to notice how often I put myself down, to understand how that compulsive habit got started, and to learn how to begin to untangle that web so I can live a happier, less stressed, more productive life.

Ed P.

It heightened my awareness...

I found this course valuable because it heightened my awareness of the kinds of comparisons I make that lead to self doubt and self deprecation and gave me some tools to help make me more aware of and more able to hear my own voice.

Helen B.

I am giving myself more room to be flexible...

Thank you both for the wondrous gift of this course. I am giving myself room to be more flexible and fluid around how I define myself. Plugging up the holes that I have drilled in my boat with compassion while I keep on rowing towards more integration. Thank you again and again.

Jane A.

Here's What to Expect

This is a four month program with a combination of online courses and Group Zoom calls (max of 6 participants in each group)

Guided weekly conversations 
  • Intimate groups of up to six participants 
  • We will gather once a week for a one-hour call to talk through what is happening in each of your lives and go over course material 
  • These discussions will help you learn to process and express intense feelings in workable ways
Three online courses 
  • The Lost Art of Satisfaction
  • The Hidden Gift of Self-Doubt & Comparisons
  • Clean The Slate: Start Building the Relationships YOU want
Tailored Weekly Emails 
  • Expect some great stories, metaphors, and humorous anecdotes!
  • These will also include what is planned for the upcoming call
Practical tools that will help you reduce stress
  • Meditation -- Meditation!?? (Some of you might already hate this idea.  Trust us, the effects can be profound.  We will guide you through the entire process.)
  • A time audit (This will bring awareness to what effect specific activities have on you.)
  • And many more exercises that will increase your awareness of what truly matters to you and how to best acquire those things
Course work that will help you see other's influence on you
  • This will include an in-depth look at self-esteem and ego
  • An increased awareness of your true voice
  • Exercises to create partnership while also staying true to your voice
A fresh and thorough examination of strengths
  • Knowing your talents and your weaknesses can be incredibly freeing
  • It's important to look at where you want to spend your time and energy not just where you think you "should"

Don't wait for it to get unmanageable 

When we are frightened, we try to get more certainty to alleviate our stress, but as you know that is a temporary fix at best; things are always changing.  

This course will offer a way out of the angst-filled loop of seeking certainty, losing it, trying to get it back, and losing it again.  As you move through this course and get clearer and clearer about who you are, don’t be surprised if your dread of uncertainty begins to dissolve...and perhaps the dread is replaced by enthusiasm for the OPPORTUNITIES present.

A glimpse at Each Month of Your Course


End the should cycle
  • Complete Lost Art of Satisfaction online course
  • Introduction to meditation 
  • Learn about the Should-Cycle (And of course the way OUT of it)
  • Perform a time-audit and find out how much of your time is spent living out of a should!

1h 30 minutes of online     course work per month


Learn Tools to limit Self-doubt and Comparative Thoughts
  • Complete The Hidden Gift of Self-Doubt online course (apx. 40 minutes)
  • Start writing in a journal with some specific exercises 
  • Discover what confidence really is (hint: it’s not actually a thing)

1h 30 minutes of online course work per month


Clean the Slate and Create Relationships that Nourish You
  • Complete Clean The Slate: Start Building The Relationships YOU want online course  (apx. 40 minutes)
  • Understand why relationships tend to be a major source of stress and ways to create better partnerships
  • Go over play-by-play arguments on our group call
  • Understand what causes your conversations to “go off the rails”
  • Experience the power of slowing down

1h 30 minutes of online course work per month


  • Use this last month to review course videos and material (the course work is rich and full and we want you to have extra time to digest and process everything you’ve learned)
  • Continue growing together as a group and experience the intimacy and connection that you have created together
  • This is when all the work you’ve done really comes together!

participant driven outside course work

And if you're thinking "Another commitment would only make things more stressful"

Consider We know the demands

The pressure to be seen as excelling and high achieving and to keep up with the pack.  The pressure for “getting everything right” is STRONG.  

We know that the idea of pausing, even for a moment, is daunting because you’ll end up three steps behind.   And, we want you to consider that the consequences of not taking that moment might be causing the stressed-out experience that brought you to this course.  Don’t wake up one day with the gut-wrenching knowledge that you’ve never adequately listened to your voice and never really lived the life that you could have, your life.

Let Go of the


We’re not going to fix you, we’re going to help you see that you’re not broken.  This is really important for you to understand as you begin your course-work.  We’re going to help you find a sustainable, lasting, nourishing way to live your life where you produce what really matters to you. 

Sign-up for your group now!

  • 16 live group calls (of up to 6 participants)
  • Extensive exercises to keep you on track during the course and support you for years to come
  • Lifetime Access to three online courses
  • 3 video courses
  • Access to All Modules

$1,000 per month (for 4 months)


One sentence summary of what they get.

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 1 video lesson



One sentence summary of what they get.

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Personalised Training



Our Clients

I loved this course!

I LOVED this course! Thank you so much! I loved your very personal, friendly, humorous style.

I loved the exercises on defining myself; the questions really helped me get greater clarity and go into greater detail about who I really am and what my values really are, and I continue to refer back to them.

Susan D.


THANK YOU! I loved the course. The call, the 2 videos, the workbook, the questions, all of it. This course helped me to further clarify and remember what my voice is. Thank you both again!

Wendy W.

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start?

We run this course with rolling enrollment.  Group cohesion is very important to us.  Once you've enrolled we will schedule a call with you to get to know you and place you in the group that best suits you.

How much does this cost?

$1,000 per month.  You will be getting lifetime access to three of our online courses that retail at $175 per course.  You will also be getting four, hour-long weekly meetings per month.  In addition, you will get weekly emails to keep you on track and a few other perks along the way.

Will it really help?

As we’ve alluded to already, there are no quick-fixes to stress and anxiety.  This course will take your determination and commitment.  Staying consistent with the course-work and our weekly calls is imperative.  

It’s useful to think of this like deciding to improve your fitness, or run a marathon, the preparation and consistent training is essential.  Together, we will help you look in places and from perspectives that will make it easier to identify, distinguish, and enhance your ability to recognize your unique voice.  At the end of this course, you will have the tools to calm the storm in your head and make decisions based on what matters to you, instead of out of fear.

What if I'm not compatible with the other members

We take group compatibility seriously.  And we make sure that each group is composed of members with things in common and who are in a similar place in terms of their personal growth.