Introduction to Workability

What are you most challenged by right now?

Join us for three online courses and three one-to-one meetings during which we will tackle whatever is most taxing to you right now.  Challenges in your relationship?  At work?  Self-esteem?  Peace of mind?  Whatever is most pressing for you right now is where we will begin.

Here's what the program includes

3 one-to-one sessions and online courses that will give you the chance to see yourself more clearly, address what's getting in your way, and clear up what isn't working in your relationships. 

The Lost Art of satisfaction
Discover what's getting in the way

An in-depth approach over the course of four videos to discover who you are, what really matters to you, and how you truly want to be spending your time.  

There are no shortcuts to living a satisfied, joyous life.  You need to be willing to do the introspective work that will provide you with your unique answers.  We'll give you the right start with a workbook filled with exercises.

Catalyze the work you do online with a one-to-one consulting session. 

The hidden gift of self-doubt
Get the skills to dig yourself out of the spiral

Break the cycle of self-doubt and comparing yourself to others with our innovative tools and workbook exercises.

Simply trying to stop your thinking won't do the trick.  You need a new way to approach these stubborn thought patterns.

Once you've completed these exercises, we'll spend a one-to-one session helping you see how your awareness of your doubts is a key stepping stone toward confidence.

Clean the slate
Create relationships that nourish you

Your relationships should be a source of inspiration, a safe harbor, and a place to be yourself.  Unfortunately, they frequently become a source of stress.  

Learning to communicate, being courageous enough to share yourself vulnerably, and listen empathetically makes all the difference.  Join us for three online videos as we guide you to use a practical framework to create the relationships you want.

Use your one-to-one session to work through specific relationship challenges.

Why choose Introduction to Workability as the first course you do with us?

We designed this program to give you more than just a taste of our work.  Over the years, our business has run solely on the basis of referrals.  Sometimes, it's enough to know that your friend, colleague, or family member benefited from their work with us and sometimes you need to experience it for yourself before signing up to work with us for a longer term.  If that fits you, this is the right program.

Here's some of what we've heard after a participant's first call with us: 

I'm so much clearer now

This is exactly what I needed

I now know what I need to make my decision

Where has this been all my life?

Introduction to Workability will help you to:

  • Handle stress more effectively
  • Reduce limiting thought spirals
  • Build a stronger sense of who you are
  • Get out of repetitive and unworkable patterns
  • Express yourself and tell more of your truth
  • Begin addressing the cost of being in evaluation mode too much of the time
  • Learn how to disagree while improving your relationship
  • Get tools to deal with difficult people and situations

Great partnerships are at the heart of all great endeavors and results

Do you have someone in your corner who is unbiased and has the experience, tools and technology to spot where you are limiting yourself?  To help you see possibilities?  To point out where your thinking is getting in your own way? And to make the case for your dreams and aspirations? We can be that partner for you.  

Let's use this introduction as the start of a partnership that will challenge you when needed and shine a light on where you are blind to your own brilliance.

Here's What You're Going to Get

Three online courses (apx. 30 minutes per course) each with in-depth workbooks, and three one-to-one 45 minute individual sessions.

Three Online Courses

Lifetime access to three 30-minute videos that will guide you to create a definition of yourself, define what really matters to you, present tools for managing self-doubt and comparative thinking, build strong, empathetic relationships, and more.  

Three Individual Sessions

Three 45-minute one-to-one consulting sessions.  This is where you start to learn to apply everything you learned in the online course to your specific situation. 

Practical Exercises

Three workbooks filled with exercises that will help you stay connected to what's most important to you and build relationships that support that.  Some highlights include: An exercise to define yourself, our unique nourish and deplete exercises, and an Argument Audit that will give you detailed questions to ask yourself after each and every one of your arguments.  Participants are often amazed how much value they get from spending time with our workbooks.

introduction to workability

Full access to digital materials and individual sessions



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  • Immediate Start
  • Access to all modules & exercises
  • Three individual Consulting sessions valued at $3,000
  • Discounted package pricing
regular course

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Advanced course

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  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

Client Testimonials

A gem of a course...

Most of us have grown up believing comparisons and self-doubt are faults that we need to fix. But what if that’s not the case? 

Workability’s “The Hidden Gift of Self-Doubt” is a gem of a course. It helped me see how I could use my comparisons as clues to zero in on my purpose and actually enhance my effectiveness. I loved the varied experience of this workshop through videos, a workbook, and a Zoom call. I’ve been applying lessons from the course into my life – they work! Thank you Jennifer and Kathryn.

- Naushad M.

Helped me express my own voice...

I didn't realize how much my tendency to compare and judge was distracting me! This course helped me to recognize and express my own voice more assertively.

- Stephen M.

Left me feeling more capable...

Loved this course!  The thing I enjoyed the most, was looking at what I think from a different perspective.  One which left me feeling more capable and more accepting of others...

The other thing I like was how targeted and focused the course was.  Like many people, my plate is full, so the structure of this course was perfect for me - concise but powerful.  A terrific, very useful course for people who don't have lots of free time.

- Donna S.

Meet your instructors 

Kathryn and Jennifer together have over 20 years of experience helping people enhance their well-being and performance.  So often, people believe that the highest level of performance requires the sacrifice of well-being. We believe that when you’re connected to and express your voice, when you’re not singularly focused on external goal-posts, success and your well-being will come about naturally.  Kathryn and Jennifer have spent years helping people to summon their voice, reveal their natural skills and talents, and ultimately promote the integration of well-being and success. 

At Workability, we have the core belief that our personal well-being depends on contributing to and benefiting what matters to us.  As an organization, we help people discover the unique way that they have to contribute through their work and personally.  When we are true to ourselves, live true to our inner and genuine voice, we are capable of our greatest performances while also experiencing lasting satisfaction.