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June 4, 2024

We often think of ourselves as the main character in life.  Everything is revolving around us afterall…

We tend to think more about the things that we need to say, the things that we need to do, the goals that we have, the troubles in our life, more than we think about that list for others.

How would life change if we spent a little more time thinking about who needs our ears right now?  Rather than who needs our words right now.  Who needs our support right now?  Who needs us to be a great supporting actor to their big scene, or even their small scene, right now?  

These questions take us out of our own personal dramas.  We cause ourselves so much suffering when we ruminate on our troubles, or obsess over what the right decision is, or kick ourselves for not following through on dreams.  More often than not, the time we spend only looking inward and at ourselves is causing us to suffer.  

Sometimes it’s nice to step back and really look outside of the same places we always tend to focus.  Ultimately, it’s all just a trick of the mind, a trick of perception, but it is nice to realize, in the middle of a personal upset, that in fact there is no cosmic spotlight on us and our troubles, and come to the realization that we are no different than anyone else and their troubles deserve as much attention as our own.  

Don’t fall into the trap of living in your own universe and missing who and what needs your attention.  If it is not screaming for your attention, good, but give it attention anyway. 

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