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The Approach

You have your own particular brilliance. Workability’s approach and philosophy is that we all have what we need to be successful and profoundly satisfied.  The challenge is that you’ve been influenced by countless people and events (some good, some not so good) and it has become hard to distinguish your brilliance from the countless limiting-thoughts.  

Most people seek out coaches and consultants because they want to improve in some area or maximize the efficiency of some skill where they think they are deficient or lacking.  Our consulting services are about revealing what is within you, not placing something new inside you

The Benefit

One of the things our clients profoundly benefit from is attending to the integration of their intellect with their feelings.  Our greatest performances come from uniting our passion with our intelligence.  The most frequent cause of burn-out, resignation, and mid-life crisis is when people fail to integrate what truly matters to them into their daily endeavors.  

We have plenty to teach and years of experience, but our most fundamental offering is helping you experience that you have all the answers you need.  You are your own in-house expert.  Our work is to help you see your self-imposed roadblocks and any barriers you have erected that prevents you from seeing as clearly as possible.

The How

How do we do this?  In a session with us, we will ask you a lot of questions.  We will help you see from many previously unexplored perspectives.  This will help you reveal areas in your thinking and behavior that have been limiting and even at times sabotaging your endeavors.

Together, we will create a foundation that optimizes your ability to consistently perform at your greatest capacity, whether that be in front of a large audience, a board room, with your team, your boss, or your family.  By getting to the essence of who you really are, you will have access to your true abilities, insights, and wisdom at all times.   

We work with each client to tailor a program that is fitting for their circumstance.  Most of the time that means a minimum of 3 months of Consulting for a 1 hour and forty-five minute meeting each week.  This gives us an adequate amount of time for you to start seeing real benefits from the work.   Namely, producing results that are consistent with and an expression of what matters most to you.

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