Workability's Introduction to Meditation

Join us for a weekly group meditation to:  

  • Strengthen your ability to respond to life instead of react
  • Gain freedom from unwanted, repetitive thoughts and unworkable patterns
  • Create inner stability 
  • Increase focus
  • Reduce stress
  • and much more, read our client testimonials below

This program includes a 1-hour mindfulness meditation instructional session followed by one-month of weekly group meditations 30-45min. The group meditations will start with a short discussion, followed by a 20-minute meditation. We will have time to answer questions and share experiences after the sitting period.

As a participant in this program, we encourage you to meditate on your own in addition to our weekly group sessions.  Consistent and regular practice is the key to seeing results.

Your first month is $100.  Each following month is $25.

Introduction to Meditation Group includes:

  • A one-hour session  where we teach you about the practice, the intention, and meditation style. 
  • Four meditation sessions, Wednesday evenings at 7pm ET.

After you’ve completed this first month, you are welcome to continue with the on-going group for monthly payments of $25.

If you have any questions email us at

What Clients Say

At 62, meditation is a new activity.  This is from someone who has been immersed in introspective work for the past 35 years.  I have found in meditation, with Jennifer and Kathryn's guidance, a powerful way to integrate all that I've learned resulting in a degree of acceptance and peace of mind I only knew as a concept.  The simplicity is astounding, the effects profound.  

Practicing meditation regularly has allowed me to slow down, pause, and return to my life refreshed, alert, and more centered.  I get more done after I meditate than if I just kept going.  Since I've started meditating I am less anxious (that's huge for me), and I'm sleeping better.  I'm also less judgmental of my own thoughts.

Through Workability's meditation sessions I've noticed a sense of quiet and calmness, more clarity in looking at "issues," a sense of camaraderie with folks attempting to experience a similar sense of peacefulness, a different way of considering my thoughts that make me "crazy" at times, and a greater ability to handle challenges calmly.

I thought meditating was an attempt to calm my busy brain and a means of seeking peace. Maybe, but with Jennifer and Kathryn's guidance, I meditate to be aware of everything that goes on without trying to control any of it.  What a relief!  A time-out from measuring how others think of me, estimating and measuring my own worth.  Nowhere to get to, nothing to have to make happen, just notice and breathe. Thank you Jennifer and Kathryn.

My reactions are shorter, my worry is reduced substantially, and my attitude is more often than not informed by gratitude.  Those who really know me, know how substantial an acknowledgement that is.  Even though meditation itself is done by me, I never would have discovered or endured without the gentle hand of Jennifer and Kathryn.  Thank you for this amazing gift!

I am much more able to drop my thinking after doing this practice.  I love meditating in a group, and being reminded in such a supportive environment not only of why I meditate, but how to deal with some of the challenges that have arisen for me over the week (like an achy back or a foot that falls asleep!)