Ending Self-Doubt & Comparisons

Your New Approach

the Problem

It's A Vicious Cycle

Comparisons tend to terribly erode our confidence, limit our performance, minimize our talents and abilities, deplete our enthusiasm, and suppress our creativity.  Many of us have been in this mode for so long that it doesn’t seem like there is a way out. It fills us with harsh judgments, unhealthy competition, and keeps our energy focused on petty things, and not our true goals and aspirations.

the solution

Learn How To Listen

You can use your self-doubt and comparisons as breadcrumbs. Follow them to find the truth about who you are, what is most important to you, and what you want to express in all of your endeavors.  Use them to reconnect to your voice and how you want to be.  Your comparisons and self-doubt are frequently sourced from a deeper truth in you.  You just have to know how to look and how to listen.

We were sold a faulty idea. We learned to look outside of ourselves for how to live our lives.

This course will help you define your own voice and live from it.

We often think that if we stop comparing we will fall behind

The reality is, the consistent fear of falling behind is what keeps us from expressing our greatest strengths

Key Course benefits


Stop fighting against yourself

You can't fight against your thoughts and expect them to get quieter.  


Learn a repeatable process to use again and again

Use our workbook to open up new perspectives and learn about the comparison model, which helps you stay out of judgments and focus in on illuminating your voice and wants.


Step out of the comparison and self-doubt cycle

It's easy to feel stuck in these cycles because they feed off each other.  This course offers a step-back and fresh evaluation of who you are and what matters to you.

About Your Course Leaders


Kathryn and Jennifer together have over 20 years of experience helping people enhance their well-being and performance.  So often, people believe that the highest level of performance requires the sacrifice of well-being. We believe that when you’re connected to and express your voice, when you’re not singularly focused on external goal-posts, success and your well-being will come about naturally.  Kathryn and Jennifer have spent years helping people to summon their voice, reveal their natural skills and talents, and ultimately promote the integration of well-being and success. 

At Workability, we have the core belief that our personal well-being depends on contributing to and benefiting what matters to us.  As an organization, we help people discover the unique way that they have to contribute through their work and personally.  When we are true to ourselves, live true to our inner and genuine voice, we are capable of our greatest performances while also experiencing lasting satisfaction.

Our Clients

This program really helped me...

This program really helped me to notice how often I put myself down, to understand how that compulsive habit got started, and to learn how to begin to untangle that web so I can live a happier, less stressed, more productive life.

Ed P.

It heightened my awareness...

I found this course valuable because it heightened my awareness of the kinds of comparisons I make that lead to self doubt and self deprecation and gave me some tools to help make me more aware of and more able to hear my own voice.

Helen B.

I am giving myself more room to be flexible...

Thank you both for the wondrous gift of this course. I am giving myself room to be more flexible and fluid around how I define myself. Plugging up the holes that I have drilled in my boat with compassion while I keep on rowing towards more integration. Thank you again and again.

Jane A.

It’s time to do something about it.

You already know self-doubt and comparative thinking are holding you back.  

We made this course short and full of useful tools that you can use immediately, because we know that life is busy and demanding. 

We can sometimes get trapped into inaction by thinking these issues are too daunting.  That’s why we created this mini-course. It will have all the tools you need to start making real change AND it will fit into your schedule.  You don’t need a weekend retreat to start moving in the right direction.

45+ minutes of video instruction

Retrain your mind from looking at how you think you're "supposed to be" to looking at who you really are

An in-depth workbook to reveal your voice

These exercises can be used over and over again to strengthen your voice, root out comparisons, and create new habits.

A repeatable technology and framework

Learn the comparison model and the power of creating a definition of yourself


Book a free 20 minute call with the course leaders!  In this session you will have the opportunity to ask questions and work through your own specifc doubts and comparisons.  This is an excellent way to gain perspective and maximize the benefit of your online course work.

We've all heard it before

Comparisons are the thief of joy

If we could eradicate comparisons with the snap of a finger, we would, but most of us cannot will ourselves out of a comparative mindset.  We will teach you how to use the very comparisons that are currently holding you back to your benefit.  Instead of fighting these thoughts (which only makes them louder) we teach you how to partner with them and remove the judgments and fault finding.  Without the judgments, they can be the road to self-awareness, authentic expression, and true satisfaction.  We don't just compare ourselves to everyone, we compare ourselves in specific ways, and this is a window into YOU.


Our Clients

A gem of a Course...

Most of us have grown up believing comparisons and self-doubt are faults that we need to fix. But what if that’s not the case? Workability’s “The Hidden Gift of Self-Doubt” is a gem of a course. It helped me see how I could use my comparisons as clues to zero in on my purpose and actually enhance my effectiveness. I loved the varied experience of this workshop through videos, a workbook, and a Zoom call. I’ve been applying lessons from the course into my life – they work! Thank you Jennifer and Kathryn.

Naushad M.

Helped me express my own voice...

I didn't realize how much my tendency to compare and judge was distracting me! This course helped me to recognize and express my own voice more assertively.

Stephen M.

Left me feeling more capable...

Loved this course! The thing I enjoyed the most, was looking at what I think from a different perspective. One which left me feeling more capable and more accepting of others….

The other thing I liked was how targeted and focused the course was. Like many people, my plate is full, so the structure of this course was perfect for me – concise but powerful. A terrific, very useful course for people who don’t have lots of free time.

Donna S.

Don't miss this opportunity...

This course quickly and succinctly puts you on a trajectory for self-improvement... tremendous place to initiate a fresh beginning or a renewed kick- starter...the presenters are experienced and use their compassion and empathy to make it safe to begin or renew your journey...don't miss this opportunity!

Tom P.

I loved this course!

I LOVED this course! Thank you so much! I loved your very personal, friendly, humorous style.

I loved the exercises on defining myself; the questions really helped me get greater clarity and go into greater detail about who I really am and what my values really are, and I continue to refer back to them.

Susan D.


THANK YOU! I loved the course. The call, the 2 videos, the workbook, the questions, all of it. This course helped me to further clarify and remember what my voice is. Thank you both again!

Wendy W.


When does the course start?

You will get access to the course right when you enroll!  Once you complete the course you will be able to book your 20 minute call 

How much does it cost?

$500.00 This includes a 45 minute online course, workbook, and a 20 minute private session!

How long will I have access?

Lifetime access to course and workbook!

What is the hidden gift?

That's exactly what we will explore in the course.  After watching and completing your course work you will have a clear understanding of the hidden gift that comparative and doubtful thinking hold for us.  It is an unconventaional approach, but one that we have employed and found great success!

Discover the Hidden Gift of Self-Doubt & Comparisons