Clean The Slate: 

Learn how to argue to create partnership

Great relationships are built not found

Join us for thirty minutes of videos and exercises to strengthen your ability to connect, defuse unworkable arguments, and learn the six most common mistakes you are making in your arguments.  Honest, engaged, inspiring relationships take work.  And, arguments are a necessary ingredient.  Trying to build a strong relationship without ever arguing, disagreeing, or disputing is like trying to paint a masterpiece without getting paint on your fingers.  


Module 1: Our definition of communication

Two of the most important human endeavors - creating relationships and raising children come with no manuals.  Learn how you can deliberately create common ground and partnership through arguments.  


Module 2: the 6 unworkable dynamics of an argument

We will cover presumptive questions, win/lose and right/wrong styles of relating, blaming, deliberate provoking, controlling behaviors, and exaggerating.  


Module 3: tools for workable arguments

Get our list of tools for avoiding common pitfalls in your arguments. Learn how to stop having the same frustrating argument over and over again. 


Module 4: practical skills & exercises

Get your practice in!  Learn the anatomy of an unworkable argument, how to do an argument audit, and practice defining who you want to be in your disagreements and arguments.

It's not about eliminating arguments it's learning to argue with your heart.

We were never taught how to argue to create connection and common understanding.  We all know how to argue with our intellect.  We know how to win, blame, dominate, and cause upset.  But what if we want to create more understanding, share perspectives and grow together through our disagreements?  How do we do that!?

Communicating towards connection comes naturally. What you need to do is REMOVE all of the obstacles.  Learn how to do this in our 30 minute video and accompanying exercises.

Clean The Slate will help you to:

  • Stop pulling your hair out in arguments
  • Eliminate shouting matches and storming out of the room
  • Say what you actually “mean,” even when you’re upset
  • Reach resolutions and stop having the SAME argument again and again
  • Appreciate your role in the relationships you are building
  • Stop feeling hopeless in your endeavor to be understood
  • Finally learn how to argue to create partnership and common ground
  • Discover what is possible when you act as a team

Disagreements are essential to our growth and connection

We thrive when we expand our perspectives, learn new things, and deepen our relationships.  So why avoid them? Because most of the time they are filled with misunderstandings, accusations, fear, and regret.  Learn how to argue differently and build an honest, open, vulnerable relationship.

Here's What You're Going to Get

30-minute instructional video, an individual session, and in-depth workbook that will teach you how to avoid the 6 dynamics of an unworkable argument

Online Course

30-minute video that will walk you through our definition of communication, the six dynamics of unworkable arguments, and the tools that will help you create connection in every argument. 

Individual Session

1-hour or 20-minute call (depending on which program you choose) with one of the course leaders to review your questions or insights.  This is where you start to apply everything you learned in the online course to your specific situations. 

Practical Exercises

Workbook filled with exercises that will keep you on track, long-term. Including an Argument Audit that will give you detailed questions to ask yourself after each and every one of your arguments.  This will help you stay connected to your intention to create mutuality and common ground in your arguments.

Online course

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  • 20-minute Q&A session
online course plus

lifetime access to digital materials & one individual session



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  • 1 hour private Consulting call
regular course

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Advanced course

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Great relationships aren’t about never having arguments

This course will help you understand your style of arguing and what works and what doesn't.  The best form of arguing is one you grow from, when you expand your ability to understand the other while expressing yourself honestly.

Meet your instructors 

Kathryn and Jennifer together have over 20 years of experience helping people enhance their well-being and performance.  So often, people believe that the highest level of performance requires the sacrifice of well-being. We believe that when you’re connected to and express your voice, when you’re not singularly focused on external goal-posts, success and your well-being will come about naturally.  Kathryn and Jennifer have spent years helping people to summon their voice, reveal their natural skills and talents, and ultimately promote the integration of well-being and success. 

At Workability, we have the core belief that our personal well-being depends on contributing to and benefiting what matters to us.  As an organization, we help people discover the unique way that they have to contribute through their work and personally.  When we are true to ourselves, live true to our inner and genuine voice, we are capable of our greatest performances while also experiencing lasting satisfaction.