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May 7, 2024

For many of us, there are questions we loathe being asked.  Whether it’s just in daily life or we’re going to a party at work, a family event, or a high-school reunion, there is often a question (or several) that we dread someone asking.  Sometimes we find the idea of answering these questions so onerous that we avoid the people asking them as well as the situations where we imagine they will be asked.  

The problem is that we often think that we’re handcuffed to the question, following it to a place we don’t want to go, rather than leading the conversation where we want.  What if you answered the question you wished you had been asked?  For example if you hate answering the question, what do you do?  How about answering  what you’re excited by right now or what you are currently inspired by?

This actually leads us into talking about a broader topic.  Are you taking the lead from others or are you leading?  In this example, are you getting cornered by answering questions you would rather not pursue?  Or, are you driving the conversation where you want it to go?  There is obviously a balance required, so that your whole life doesn’t become just a one-sided expression of only what you want to talk about, however it’s always important to consider who is driving your life.  Are you letting yourself be steered in directions not of your choosing?  

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