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January 24, 2023

Do you spend more of your day moving toward what you want or preventing what you don’t want?  Another way of saying this is, in the course of the day do you hear/say more yes’s or no’s (both from others and in your own thoughts)?  

What do you make of your answer to this question?  

"No" shows up in a lot of different forms:  can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, oughtn't, not smart enough, too slow, not successful enough, not sufficiently attractive, too boring, etc.

When we spend too much time stuck in "no" it is exhausting.  There is a tendency to fall into a rut of negativity without even realizing we are there.  Saying I don’t want salad for dinner brings about a very different emotional response than I want chicken for dinner. 

This culture of "no" can even prevent us from tackling important tasks.  For example, If we think "I won't be able to meet that deliverable" we might procrastinate and avoid the work.  

We hope this is a nice reminder to pay attention to your own thinking and how you hear others speaking around you.  There is certainly a time and a place for "no."  However, if you're lacking inspiration in your life, if you notice the people you work with or family members are low on inspiration, take a look at the culture you are in.  Is it a "no" culture or a "yes" culture?

To an inspiring culture!

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