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April 5, 2022

You’ve got to find someone in your life that pulls the rug out from under you, just at the right time.  It can be the most profound gift.  Sure, it sometimes feels awful, but once you pick yourself back up, you’re left with a gift.  The gift of new and additional perspectives.  (Of course, we would hope you could find someone who does it without any malice.)  

The only reason someone else has the ability to pull the rug out from under you is because you have been standing (likely very rigidly) on that rug!  Which means you have been looking from a rigidly held perspective and you’ve been looking at a particular aspect of life in one way. This can make you self-righteous, limited and often arrogant.  When the rug gets pulled out from under you, you’ll see from a new vantage point, even if for a short while you’re also the one with your ass on the ground.

If you can overcome the pain and perhaps suffering from your ego, it is really an incredible gift.  In order to perform at our best and create the relationships we dream of, we need more and more and more perspectives.  The more perspectives we have, the more conscious and aware we become and the better our decisions will be.  We would all be served to move through life with "happy feet" always bouncing from one rug to the next.  Never standing too long on any one rug, with one point of view.

Although it may be more comfortable to travel in circles with people who never disturb you…it is not very fruitful.  We at Workability are known for pulling the rug out from under our clients’ feet and helping them see from additional  perspectives.  We are quite good at it and often we can soften the "rude" awakening that is inevitably coming in the future. 

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