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January 4, 2022

Are you too busy chasing it to realize you already have it?

In Buddhism, there is something called enlightened "aimlessness."  To the Western mind, this is close to blasphemous.  Aimless is what we are all trying so hard to prove we are not.  Hurry and set your New Year’s Resolution.  Always have a goal in mind.  Motivate.  Motivate. Motivate.   Stay on purpose.

At the root of all of our goals and aspirations is the hunger to be alive.  Simply to be in the experience of living.  When we are hyper-focused on goals and achievements, we are doing life and that is a really poor way to experience life.

Don’t wait to achieve the goal, get the promotion, or meet the perfect person, to be alive.  Let life be the goal.  You woke up this morning.  You are reading this.  What a wonder!  We can all use to be more aimless to truly feel the pulse of life.  

Never let your goals distract you from the pure joy of life.  Life is for the living.  And guess what, you are alive today.    

To Aimlessness,

The Workability Team

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