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June 22, 2021

This is a quick reminder that your relationships need tune-ups.  Not because they are damaged, but to keep them healthy.  You don’t neglect your car until it breaks down on the highway (or do you?).  You keep it consistently serviced and oiled, tires inflated, etc. Relationships tend to get the most attention after smoke is coming from under the hood.

Don’t fall into the trap of living in your own universe and missing who and what needs your attention.  If it is not screaming for your attention, good, but give it attention anyway.  

The oil, tire alignment, and gasoline of relationships is communication (that includes listening). 

We would like you all to join us in this experiment today.  The first part is a thought experiment.  The second part is being open to whatever (if any) action the questions inspire.

  • Who in your life could use your ears right now?
  • What communication have you waited too long to make (don’t limit this to monumental or negative communications...have you gone too long without saying I love you to someone)?

This is not groundbreaking.  A reminder is always helpful.

To constant up-keep!

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