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June 8, 2021

Have you ever tried to hold onto a watermelon seed?  It is wet and slippery, yet hard.  It tricks you into thinking you can control it if you just get the right grip.  The more you squeeze it though, the wilder it gets, until it lands on the floor...where you’ll end up chasing it around still.  

What in your life is like that watermelon seed?  In other words, what are you desperately trying to hold onto that just keeps shooting out of your hands and you end up chasing?  As with the watermelon seed, the more nervous you get about dropping it (losing it, not getting the result you want), the tighter you try and grip it. 

If you gently placed the seed in your palm and stopped gripping it, you would never drop it.  It is the tight grip that sends it flying.  Gripping (aka fear) does more damage to our future results than any external obstacle.

Back to our question:  What in your life is like a watermelon seed?  Is your gripping (fear) causing your results to end up on the floor? 

The pandemic has offered up many lessons.  An important one is that the results we are looking for don’t always come from grinding it out.  Sometimes the work needed doesn’t look like what we expect; sometimes it is letting go, not doing anything, or even just pausing and gently holding that seed.

Respect your watermelon seeds (that’s a phrase we didn’t expect to be writing today!) or you’ll risk dropping them.

To the right kind of work at the right time!

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