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January 11, 2022

There’s three camps.  Those who complain that they don’t have any discipline, those that aggrandize themselves for having lots of discipline, and those that never even think about it.

We want you to come explore camp three with us.  The group that no longer thinks about it.  

Wouldn’t your life be a lot more joyous if you wanted to do all the things on your to do list.  Genuinely wanted to do them!  We’re not talking about enjoying it because you will be relieved it’s done.  We’re talking about a lifestyle that is free from dread and snoozed alarm clocks.  

How is this possible?  It’s very simple, but may take years to perfect.  Establish your purpose.  When you know who you are, and who you are not and you know what you are here for, you will have no need or use for discipline.  

Discipline is a game of force and relies on conflicting desires.  When you are crystal clear about who you are, you won’t have conflicting desires.  Imagine that.  It might seem like we are saying that it is easy to establish your purpose.  We’re not.  We simply want to bring your attention to where your efforts will bear more fruit.  The endeavor to establish your purpose will be a thousand times more fruitful than strengthening your ability to be disciplined.

Here’s how we can help:  Our online course, The Lost Art of Satisfaction will give you practical tools to help you in identifying your purpose.  Through a series of videos and exercises you will leave this course with a clearly defined purpose that you can continue to craft over the months to come.

To a purposeful life,

The Workability Team

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