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May 10, 2022

You carry

All the ingredients

To turn your life into a nightmare -

Don’t mix them!

- Hafiz

We are often looking outside of ourselves for the threat.  What terrible thing might befall us or our loved ones?  The truth is, our deepest suffering ends up coming from within.  Add two parts fear to three parts resentment and that’s a stew that will drown you from the inside out.  And there are many like-combinations that we can concoct.  

We each have our own personalized cupboards filled with these ingredients.  We are the only ones who know which of these bottles we reach for habitually.  It is in our ability to notice the poison we are drinking and it is this awareness that allows us to stop drinking it.  Our programs are designed to help you see more clearly the "ingredients you are mixing."

We are improvement-driven creatures.  We only do what we BELIEVE is in our best interest.  Sometimes our beliefs are horribly misguided.  So, the challenge is to see clearly the ingredients you are mixing to create potential nightmares, and just as important which you are mixing to create bliss.  Once we are clear about this, we will never reach for the "poison" bottle again.  

To mixing the right ingredients

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