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July 27, 2021

Unless, of course, you want to be perpetually dissatisfied with your life.  That’s always an option!

The endeavor to get the outside world to be juuuuuust right to please your e-v-e-r-y preference is folly.  We all know this.  But we don’t always act like we know it.  We consistently look for external solutions to internal problems.  Time and time again!


We don’t say that flippantly.  Most of us have been trained to live and perceive life this way.  It takes un-training to get back to knowing that your experience is in your jurisdiction and your jurisdiction alone.  

There needs to be a new schooling system.  One that teaches that joy, satisfaction, peace, and well-being are an inside job.  One that empowers us to choose to be free from the thinking that certain conditions will make us happy.  

Without the diligence to do this, we will continually cultivate an experience of desperation.  Desperation is the likely outcome when we think our well-being is dependent on outside factors that WE KNOW we can’t control (like others and the weather).  We put ourselves in a dependent role and then drown ourselves in anxiety while we try to dominate or manipulate the world to line up with our needs and wants.  

Stop being like Goldilocks.  She was only satisfied when things were just perfectly so in her environment.

There is actually one place where it is appropriate to act like Goldilocks.  No, not with your spouse.

The only place to act like Goldilocks is within yourself.  Don’t put up with anything other than what is perfectly YOU.  You can get yourself to be juuuuuust right in your eyes.  And that is a worthy endeavor.  When you open your eyes from this place, the world will look just right too.  

To true freedom!

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