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July 20, 2021

Are you overcomplicating things?


When you complicate things, you lose sleep.  Emphasis on the you.

Do you tend to say "IT is complicated?"  Try on, "I am making this complicated" and see what changes.  More times than not, it is our perception that needs to be altered.  

Our world definitely has complexity.  But, if you take a look at it, layer by layer, it’s really just simple things stacked up end to end.  If you slow down, you can see it.  Look at a sophisticated plumbing system in an apartment complex.  It is water pipes in and water pipes out.  

Our lives are like this too.  If we don’t slow down and bring consciousness to our day-to-day or a particular project, it can sometimes seem like a giant ball of knotted thread.  Everything is all tangled up and the more you pull on one thread the more the ball tightens up.  Perceiving it this way often creates stress, anxiety, and a sense of overwhelm.  We know you might be arguing that it is not just your perception, but in fact, HOW IT IS.  

Consider an experiment.  What would happen if you slowed down?  We don’t just mean physically, but mentally too (even if physically we are still, our minds might be racing).  If you slow everything down, do you imagine the situation would start to seem more or less complicated?  You can even try it right now.    

Slowing down is the antidote to many of our challenges.  Perhaps because it seems so simple, and something that we alone can do, that it is not applied frequently.  Or, even worse, discarded as not a real solution.  Give it an earnest try.  

To simplify your life or a particular project/endeavor, slow down, bring your conscious awareness to the situation and see how simple it starts to become.

Think about every piece of great wisdom you have ever received.  Was it complicated?  

If it’s not simple, keep looking.

To the simplicity of simple!

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