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February 20, 2024

Last week we talked about promises and some of the things that eat away at our ability to produce our intended result.  Typically, the intention behind our promise is the most important thing to consider.  If we are less than consciously cutting corners and taking short cuts, instead of following through wholeheartedly on our promise, we are going to lose out.  

Last week we talked about our minds' amazing ability to seek out the most efficient path.  Sometimes that leads to a shortcut that actually derails the intention of our promise.  It’s not a bad thing that our minds seek efficiency.  It’s not a good thing either.  It just is what is.  Being aware that it is this way can help you spot all the times you are unwittingly eating away at your own intentions and promises. 

When you notice you are starting to take the shortcut, ask yourself what was the intention of this promise when I made it?  Oftentimes promises are not "set it and forget it". they require us to stay vigilant.  It is critical to continually remind ourselves what the intention of our promise is.  This helps us continue moving in the direction we want.  Otherwise, we can risk getting pulled off course by the "easiest path forward mode" or by the "keep my promise at all costs mode."  Agility is important. 

Although being efficient is a great thing, when it comes at the cost of sabotaging your intention or rigidly following a poorly set promise, then it is better to stop and ask yourself, "what was the intention of my promise?

To remembering your intention

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