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January 18, 2022

A great way to live a life without purpose is to put a huge amount of pressure on yourself to have purpose.  We hear it a lot, that people are discouraged, overwhelmed, and critical of themselves for not knowing their purpose.  Being purposeful in life is completely natural.  Unfortunately, most of us were raised in environments where we were discouraged from doing/being what was natural for us. So we need to do some work to bring that naturalness back to life.  That is all that finding your purpose is.  Waking yourself up to who you are. 

There should be no moral connotation associated with your purpose.  It shouldn’t have anything to do with what other people may or may not find worthy of pursuing.  The reason people who live with purpose are universally attractive is because they are filled with life.  Whether they cured cancer, painted beautifully, invented cell phones, or did none of those things, it doesn’t matter - what matters is living with the natural enthusiasm of living your life.  Living aligned with yourself and your qualities creates that inner sense of contentment and simple joy.  

A purposeful life is defined only by you, not by what you do, whom you’ve helped, or what mark you leave.  Those are all important, but they need not be considered when you are defining who you are and what you want to do or be on this planet.  Those outcomes are all the result of living your purpose, not the ingredients needed to know it.

Our intention in sharing this today is to encourage you to take the pressure or anxiety out of the "purpose conversation."  Pay attention to your genuine voice not what you think others would want you to be, or what would look good on a resume.  What looks good on a resume is a fully alive person.  That comes from continually defining and expressing your purpose.

To dropping the pressure and eventizing around “finding your purpose,” 

The Workability Team

If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at our course The Lost Art of Satisfaction.  We teach you how to ask the right questions to define your purpose and you will have a workbook that will guide you through defining yourself now and as you continue to grow and evolve.

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