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May 25, 2021

When we are in the waiting room we are focused on getting to what’s next.  Think about how you are when you travel.

"How long until we can board the flight?  When are we going to take-off already?  How long until the plane lands?  Can’t we deboard already?  How many more days until we come home?  When are we going to go on our next trip?"
If you take a step back, you can see that it's on a loop.  Get me out of here and onto what’s next, perpetually.  Round and round and round and round...

Your life is the steps.  Don’t live it wishing them away.  

Yeah, but...being at the airport is annoying, tedious, boring…

No! You’re making it that way.  The next time you catch yourself waiting for the next thing, consider what is wondrous about where you are right now.  What is absolutely wondrous about right here.  Try it out and tell us how it goes.

To Wonder!

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