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November 10, 2020

If you’ve had any sales or marketing training, you know it is really important to create context for your buyer.  The right people need to see your offer, at the right time, in the right place, and your content needs to be spot on, in order for your audience to make a purchase.  Prime example: If you are in a grocery store, feeling hungry, and you see a new type of cracker on display, you are way more likely to buy it than if you see the same cracker on display in a public restroom. Context matters in advertising!  

Surprise, surprise, it also matters for your life.  It matters BIG.  What does it mean to create context in your life?  To us, it means 1. Knowing yourself (which is why we talk so much about creating a definition of yourself) and 2.  Knowing your intention, at all times.

You create your context with these two dynamics...this is the canvas on which you draw your life.  No matter what you are endeavoring: a career, a relationship, family, spirituality, anything...

If you don’t have context (or a canvas), you will likely wind up just flinging paint in all directions.  Each of your individual efforts might be quite wonderful and beautiful, but without context your hard work doesn’t land on the canvas (and you never get a masterpiece).  It’s important to step away from the metaphor here and look at how this really affects your life:

  • A career without context - becomes a job that you grudgingly go to everyday
  • A relationship without context - soon becomes filled with resentments and complaining

We are going to get into this much further in future newsletters.  Stay tuned until the end of this series; there’s going to be a real plot-twist.  Let’s start a conversation around this together.  What do you think affects your context more, what you do or how you bring yourself to what you do?

To creating your context!

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