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November 29, 2022

What makes for the most satisfying endeavors?  Think back on your life.  When were you the most satisfied and enthusiastic to be alive?  Can you remember a specific time or endeavor?  Maybe that time is right now.  Maybe you haven’t felt that way in a long time.  What is the unifying quality across all activities and endeavors that guarantees enthusiasm and satisfaction?  

Being fully invested! 

When we put our whole selves into something, we experience life fully.  Many of us can remember times as children or young adults when we lived with more innocence, more curiosity, more enthusiasm and less fear about how others might take advantage of us or judge us.  When we didn’t dip our toes in, but rather jumped in all at once.  

When you watch a child playing or figuring something out, there is a joyous quality to them.  Have you ever considered why this is? They are 100% invested.  They are not sitting on the fence.  They are not calculating what’s the least they can do.  They are in it!  And you can see it by their big smiles.

Consider this when you take on your next project.  Consider it now when you look at all of the projects you currently have going on.  Are you being reserved?  Are you holding yourself back?  Why?  Is it because of fear?  Could it be because you aren't aligned with the project? These are critical questions to answer.  If you're half in or a quarter in, so is your satisfaction and joy.    

To being IN!

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