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September 20, 2022

Think about yourself like a sailboat.  You can have your sails up or down.  Most of us have been trained to keep our sails down because someone might get hurt, upset, disappointed, angry, jealous, vengeful, or just not like us.  

So, we keep them down…except sometimes, perhaps out of rebellion, we raise them and we race around a little bit and out of over eagerness or lack of experience we sometimes crash. The crash comes because we are not accustomed to having our sails all the way up.  We've forgotten what it is to be fully alive, awake, and vibrant.

The challenge is to know when to put your sails up and when to keep them down.  Every sailor knows that there is a constant need to adjust the sails to keep the boat at optimal performance.  For this you need sensitivity, alertness, and knowledge.  

This is the kind of work that we do with our clients.  We help to make them more competent sailors of their vessel.  This is achieved by helping clients access their truth and who they really are.  You cannot rely on another person's ideas and perspectives to sail your sailboat, you must understand the right moments for you to raise your sails and how to best optimize them for the course you're sailing, the wind, and weather conditions.  Through our work together, you will have constant opportunities to get an up-close and intimate knowledge of yourself so when life presents new conditions, you will know better how to sail your boat.

To mastering your sailboat

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Since 1978 Workability has been helping individuals and organizations integrate who they are with what they do. Our greatest performances, relationships, and contributions are dependent on our authentic expression of who we are.

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