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April 19, 2022

It is well known in the running community that you never change anything on race-day.  Those new pair of shoes - leave them in the closet.  That new energy gel-pack, save it for a training-day.  Race-day is not the time to experiment.  

Routine, predictability, and familiarity are extremely important to perform at our best.  Keeping consistency and constancy in our routine when we are endeavoring something we may never have done before, allows us to give all of our energy and acumen to the new endeavor.  

When we are in new environments or engaging with something new, our brains are working overtime to acclimate to the new stimuli. 

Over the years, we’ve observed that there is a tendency to change up too many things at once.  The result is often unexpected and unwanted outcomes.  Instead, consider adopting the "race-day" mentality.  How can you support yourself in pursuing this new endeavor?  What can you keep consistent and regular, so your brain does not need to attend to more things than absolutely necessary?  

What is your next race-day?  An interview, a significant conversation with a loved one, a new creative project, an important presentation…  Are you respecting it properly by giving yourself a familiar routine that will leave your mind and body ready to deliver their best?

To race day calm

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