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March 1, 2022

For stability you need flexibility. Think of a tree that can bend with the wind.  If the tree tried to control the wind by pushing back and standing firm, it would soon snap.  Our flexibility and adaptability is what makes us resilient and stable in the face of changing circumstances.  When we try to control what is outside of us, we are looking in the wrong direction.  We can only have mastery over our own responses and experience.

External circumstances will always be unpredictable.  It is fighting a losing battle to try and control all the variables; you simply could never catch up or get on top of them.  Attempting to control others or the environment will deplete your sense of internal stability and make you rigid and unbendable (and quite miserable).  

So, the next time you are trying to control what someone else does (or thinks!) or your surroundings, experiment with strengthening your ability to include and be flexible.  What other perspectives can you add?  Is there a feeling you are suppressing or denying?  Are you avoiding an imagined judgment?  How could you think differently?  How could you act differently?  How can you choose differently? How could you feel differently?  This will create long-term stability and adaptability.  

Learn to bend like a tree in a hurricane and you’ll have more resources available to you than you can imagine.  Strength resides in internal mastery not external domination.

To the source of true stability

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