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October 20, 2020

The other day we had a car issue.  One of our tires needed replacing.  Because we’re currently living in Antigua, getting replacement parts for anything can present a challenge.  It turns out tires are not an exception.  We were told that we needed to wait until the next shipment came to get the tire replaced.  And shipments come once a month.  That’s the box that someone else created for us...

Tires come in from Florida every month, no other options. (That’s just the way it is.)

When someone presents a box to you, in the form of limited can either get inside of it with them or you can observe it from the outside and think for yourself.  The second you step into their box, you see all the same limitations that they see.  If you stay outside their box - you see that they are limited by the walls of their box (their thinking) not by the circumstances.  (An added incentive of not getting into their box, is that you can help them get out of it.)

Boxes are where creativity goes to die.

Pay attention to when someone tries to get you to think inside their box.  And pay attention when you create your own boxes.  

Listen for the following phrases:
There’s no other way.  
It’s impossible.  
It can’t be done.  
It’s too late.  
Don’t be ridiculous!

In case you’re wondering, we stepped out of the box and got our tire replaced the next day.

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