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October 11, 2022

We’ve all seen the signs showing us the best way to lift a heavy box.  We are meant to bend our knees and keep our back upright, not bent over.  Why?  Because we have more power in our legs and we won’t risk over exerting our weaker arm and back muscles by folding over and yanking the box up.  

When we source our life, our activities, our actions, our words from our authentic voice we are picking the box up by bending our knees.  Despite how life reacts to us, we have our strength underneath us.  We know we chose that thing, said that thing, did that thing from our authentic voice.  When we know this, we have power, stability, and resilience.    

On the other hand, when we do things, say things, or engage with life sourced from how we THINK others want us to behave, we have no stability.  We are using our weakest muscles, those of mind-reading skills.  When our ideas are challenged, we race for “the right” answer.  When our actions are questioned, we make up stories and defend ourselves against others' judgments.  In the metaphor with the box, we throw our backs out trying to land on the perfect way to act for our ever-changing audiences.

Reflect on this yourself.  Recall a time in your life when you met resistance from another when you knew you were acting authentically.  How did you meet their criticism?  Now do the same exercise, but recall a time when you were doing what you thought someone else thought you should do.  How did you feel when you met criticism in this scenario?

To using our most powerful muscles

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