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August 30, 2022

If you want to be the person at the party who always has something to say and is never at a loss for words, be interested.  The most interesting people in the world are the ones who are the most interested.  When you are genuinely interested, you will never run out of questions.  Think about your average two-year-old.  They are endlessly curious.  They are interested in everything and they never run out of questions.  Genuine interest is like that.  It is also full of enthusiasm.  And, because you're an adult not a two-year-old…you will most likely know when to stop asking “why?” because you are bothering everyone!

Exchange your desire to be thought of as interesting or smart, for a hunger to find out and know.  Being curious about someone is a benefit to you both.  Rather than trying to be seen as smart, insightful, worldly, in-the-know, or any of the other exhausting “want-to-be-seen-as” qualities, consider offering someone your full interest and attention.  You’ll likely find that you no longer get tongue-tied, nervous, or awkward.  And wouldn’t the world be a much more wonderful place if we gave others our interest, rather than pretentious conversations in the hope to get them to think something about us.

You’ll likely find you have so much more to offer and provide once you stop trying to SEEM smart, interesting, creative, etc.

Next time that you find yourself nervous and don't know what to say, try being interested.

To being the most interested person in the room

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