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July 11, 2023

Are you always looking to get to the next thing?  There are a lot of folks in that camp.  We get so busy in our minds getting to the next thing that we spend very little time with our current thing and paying attention to it.  That leads to a lot of life being led inside our heads predicting what life will be like in the future…instead of in the moment experiencing what life is like now.

Over the years, we have sent many newsletters with the punchline, "slow down."  Our message never changes, most likely because it is one of the hardest things to do.  When you feel a need to rush and get on to the next thing, it is very hard to convince yourself to slow down.  Most people agree with this in theory, however we still repeatedly find ourselves many steps ahead of the present moment (or replaying the past).

There is so much more we become aware of when we slow down and pay attention to the present activity in the present moment.  There is so much more vital information in the present that helps us make the best decisions.  Perhaps most importantly, you’ll often find that if you really check in with yourself right now, things are pretty good and there is a lot to be grateful for right now, in the present moment.  It’s the "next thing" or the "last thing" that is causing stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. It takes a lot of strength to change your current patterns and really consider the extraordinary value of slowing down.

In our work, we help our clients see where they might be rushing and frequently remind them of the power and satisfaction available by slowing down.

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