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August 31, 2021

We came across an article the other day that referenced Descartes famous line, “I think therefore I am.”  It got us thinking.  What a limiting idea!  It’s not I think, I feel, I smell, I taste, I see, I hear, I dream, I learn, I’m compassionate, I create, I love...therefore I am.  No, just “I think.”  

Many of us are letting our other modes of experiencing life atrophy.  Does this shoe fit you?  Our very proof of being should not be limited to a single one of these modes - thinking.  When we have a problem, an issue, a challenge, more often than not we try to “think it through” or “figure it out.”  Consider how much we’re leaving unexplored, by so singularly focusing on our intellect.

Of course, thinking is useful and necessary, but it is just one way of experiencing.  Have you noticed how “stupid” has become one of the most powerful insults of our time?  What most people wouldn’t do to avoid being thought of as stupid is astounding. Our obsession with smart and “thinking” is more than just limiting, it’s really debilitating to our humanness.  Especially when we consider our thinking is also what drives us nuts!

Don’t get us started on how many learning disability diagnoses are simply based on the fact that someone doesn’t “think” according to some standard.  Some truly gifted people have abandoned their non-thinking abilities to try and fit in. If you haven’t watched this Ted talk, do yourself a’s brilliant.

Next time you’re challenged by something, consider listening to, attending to, drawing from more than just your mind.  We think you’ll be blown away.

To more than just thinking!

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