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February 16, 2021

Discipline is heralded as this almost god-like ability that we want more of and we envy those who "naturally" have it.  How many times have you heard yourself or someone else say, "If only I were more disciplined, then…"

We have a different perspective.  Discipline is what you need when you aren’t integrated within yourself.  If you’re furrowing your eyebrows, you’re probably not alone.  This is a pretty unconventional idea.  When you know who you are, own who you are, and act consistent with that, you don’t need discipline.  To be clear, what we are talking about here is the American conception of discipline, which is commonly used to indicate what is required when you don’t "feel like" doing something.

Another hallmark of discipline is that folks usually say they need it to do the things that are good for them.  Huh??   If you slow down and think about it, it’s pretty perplexing to think we need this strong ability to do what is good for us.  More often than not, when we don’t take the time to truly find out and explore for ourselves what is right or good for us, we take on what our parents, partners, past teachers, and society think is right for us.  When we stop exploring and instead take on other people’s ideas, opinions, and judgments, our idea of what is "good for us" becomes all mixed up and entangled with shoulds.  Which creates the perfect recipe for rebellion, resentment, and resistance.  We all want freedom – shoulds are the opposite.

We have SO much more to say about this.  What we want you to consider today is that discipline will fatigue at some point.  Discipline is not a sustainable energy.  You’ve probably noticed the cycle yourself.  You’re on track, on track, on track, and then boom, you’re off course.  This is what happens with discipline.  It squeezes us until we burst.  Then we gather up the pieces and start the process all over again, just a little more defeated and resigned.  We are efforting against ourselves when we try to be disciplined.  (Again, the American version of discipline).

Imagine if your wants were aligned with what you thought was good for you.  And you didn’t have to drag yourself to the gym.  Or resentfully balance your checkbook.  (Insert your relevant example.)  That is possible!  It comes from integrity, knowing who you are, and living true to it.  In this state, we WANT to do what is good for us.   

If you’re reading this thinking this seems utterly unattainable, set-up a time to speak with one of us (use the link below).  And remember, we’re talking about this in an absolute way.  In reality, it is not as black-and-white.  It’s a function of degree.  The greater degree you know yourself and live true to that, the less and less discipline you will need to do what YOU consider is right and good for you.

We want to leave you with the question that you have probably asked yourself many times, Why don’t you want to do the things that you think are good for you?

To integrity!

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