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December 27, 2022

Every year around this time we always watch, It’s A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart.  We all cry, every time.  If you haven’t seen it.  Stop reading this and go watch it (there will be spoilers below)!  It is the best example of gratitude and appreciating what you have, in any movie ever (end of debate 😂).  

We cry in watching George realize he has everything he has ever wanted right under his feet and right before his eyes.  We cry over his overflowing and unrestricted joy for the smallest little bits of his life as well as for the bigger more monumental ones.  Our favorite scene is when George runs through the streets of Bedford Falls after he gets his life back and he is shouting "Hello, Bedford Falls!  Merry Christmas, movie house!  Merry Christmas, you wonderful old Building and Loan, Merry Christmas, Mr. Potter."   Everything that he had been lamenting over his years of being "stuck" in Bedford Falls was now his most celebrated treasure!  

This is what our work is all about.  The next time someone asks us what we do, we're going to tell them to watch, "It’s A Wonderful Life."  Because that’s what we do.  We help people take off the blinders that have been unknowingly restricting their vision to see themselves and their life in all its incredible splendor and wonder.  We help people to not need a "scare" or tragedy to see what is most important to them.  

Our blinders are from our histories.  We build up the blinders over time.  We close our hearts and limit our perspectives out of our past upsets.  And for most of us, without intervention of some sort, we never get the chance to see that we are wearing blinders.  

At times, we really needed our defenses.  But defenses do more than just keep the bad stuff out, they prevent us from seeing the beauty, goodness, and love all around us. 

Watch the movie.  Rewatch the movie.  Cry and laugh and look around you...what is your Bedford Falls?

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year, Hee-Haw (if you know, you know)

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