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June 7, 2022

We’ve all heard the common adage that you need to "walk in someone else’s shoes" or "understand it from another perspective."  I’m sure we’ve even said similar things in our newsletters.  It’s true.  Being stuck in a particular perspective is limiting on a good day and harmful on all other days.

The question we want to pose to you today is, are you looking to change your perspective to make yourself "feel better" or to gain more awareness and increase your consciousness?  The difference in intent between these two is profound.  Trying on a new perspective to feel a bit better can be but a cheap trick.  A much more profound and beneficial endeavor is to add perspectives.  Don’t worry about eliminating the unpleasant perspective, simply add a new one, and then add another, and another, and keep doing this.

As we see it, the goal is not to avoid unwanted feelings, but rather to constantly be increasing our awareness and clarity.  This will come from adding perspectives.  Lasting well-being and optimum performance are outgrowths of increasing awareness.  Happiness is a by-product not the goal. 

Notice what happens when you continually add more perspectives.  Experiment with it.  Take a situation and write down all the points from which you could be viewing it.  Keep going as long as you possibly can.  What happens?  Even though you have not endeavored to change your opinions, thoughts, or feelings, you might notice that your thinking seems more free, less limited, and less stuck.  

To free thinking.

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