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March 9, 2021

There is an important distinction to make between what is real and what is reality.  Here’s an example that will help illuminate what we are talking about:  A mirage is real, but it is not reality. The image of, say, water, reflected on your retina is really there.  If we argued with you that you are NOT SEEING wavy lines that look like water, you would adamantly disagree.  Of course, you SEE them.  But, it’s not reality.  If you got down on your hands and knees and tried to drink, you would end up with a mouthful of dirt.

It’s a critical distinction to understand.  Your well-being depends on your ability to correctly distinguish real from reality.  How many of you are guilty of accusing another of being such-and-such, only to later find out that you had it all wrong.  Your thoughts and emotions around the event were very real, but they were not in-sync and consistent with reality.  We need to be in-sync with reality if we want to reach our potential as human beings.  

Your thoughts and feelings are always real.  They are not always based in reality.  Your job is to get so good at discerning the psychological drama that you bring to life so that you can consistently respond to reality.  If you’re not in reality, you are in the past or the future.  Nothing happens there.  Life is only occurring now.  To be creating life to your maximum potential, you need to be here, now.  Not, there then.  

If you don’t make this distinction, then you run the risk of living a life being dragged around by your reactions.  Your ability to respond to life, instead of react to it comes from being closer and closer to the present, and aware of reality.   

To seeing clearly!

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