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July 26, 2022

The "best ever" is a confluence of things.  It is rarely the ice cream, song, class, book, or movie that is objectively the best.  Rather a combination of how you bring yourself to that thing and the thing itself.  We do a real disservice when we limit how we talk about it.  We tend to put all the emphasis on the object.  In other words, we put our focus on the ice cream and not on the mouth tasting it.  Our language creates our experience, just as much as it reveals it.  In order to experience something as the best, we must bring ourselves to life with vulnerability, and an intent to enjoy, learn, and grow.

Burton, the founder of Workability, shared a story that comes to mind now.  After yet another delicious meal at his mother-in-law’s, he said to her, "these are the best veal chops I have ever eaten!"  She dismissed his comment saying, "oh, you enjoy everything!"  It matters how we bring ourselves to the buffet table of life.  Our ability to enjoy can be strengthened.  We can arrive cynical and ready to find fault, or we can come as explorers ready to experience the riches being offered.

The goal should not just be to find the perfect scoop of ice cream, but to find the perfect in each scoop.  

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