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September 15, 2020

There are a handful of things in life that are universally dreaded:

Case and point, cleaning out a neglected basement!  There are countless TV shows, books, self-help courses all dedicated to this.  It’s a thing.

But there’s a contradiction.  Once you actually tackle the basement, it becomes the highlight of your day!  The way you feel after cleaning it allll out is a peak experience of that week, maybe even the month.  

Look at this conflict between our imagination and reality.  We build it up to be a mammoth endeavor that is going to sap us of energy and joy.  But in reality what we feel is relief and ease, and a renewed appreciation for life.  The procrastination and dread are the true culprits, depleting us day-in and day-out NOT the cleaning and organizing.

We avoid and procrastinate handling our mindset challenges in the same way.  We see this all the time with people not wanting to address their self-doubt.  They think facing it head on will be worse than continuing to experience the self-doubt they are dealing with.  But, and there’s no nice way to say it, they are wrong.  Not dealing with it just gives rise to more doubt, much like how in the neglected basement the boxes and dust keep multiplying...

We have a solution.  Meet each new doubt as an opportunity to recenter yourself. There is a hidden Gift in self-doubt.  And we can teach you how to find it.

In our course, The Hidden Gift of Self-Doubt, you will learn how to use your doubts, lack of confidence, and comparisons, to strengthen your ability to accomplish all of the things that are most important to you.  If that sounds impossible keep reading.

We’ve been told countless times that we shouldn’t compare, and that we need to be confident, and to follow our instincts.  Unfortunately, just saying “be confident” isn’t getting the job done because what I see are people with more self-doubt than ever.  So, the endeavor to just will ourselves out of self-doubt with positive thinking is not working.  Instead of trying to wipe the slate clean, what if we worked with what we have.  And what we have are doubts!  We will teach you how to use your doubts and comparisons as breadcrumbs, clues, to reignite your power and potency (instead of the fault-finding voice they tend to be).

It’s time to look at what self-doubt and comparisons are costing you.  Is the dread of addressing them keeping you from cleaning out the unworkable thoughts that keep you small and frustrated?  What would you be doing right now if you could drop the self-doubt and comparison cycle?  I bet there would be a lot of people benefited by your endeavors.  And to me, that is the ultimate cost of self-doubt:  When people don’t contribute their unique gifts because they no longer see them.  

Enroll now and you will get the tools you need to start using moments of self-doubt and comparison to strengthen your ability to express yourself genuinely.

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