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April 27, 2021

Have you ever gotten an email that you read, marked unread, and then thought about for days, even weeks, because you just don’t know how to respond?

The next time this happens, instead of lamenting, “I don’t know what to say,” recognize that what has you stymied is a lack of clarity about your intention.  If there were such a thing as “truth serum” and we gave you an injection, you would likely have ALL kinds of things to say in response to the email.   So you do ‘know what to say’ you just don’t want to say all of it, for whatever reason.  

Now that you see you do in fact have a response, it is just down to recognizing your intention and deciding what of that response you want to share.  This approach will help you identify the less than conscious parameters that you may have erected around your thinking.

For example, I don’t know what to say so that I don’t upset the other...I don’t know what to say so that I don’t come off weak...I don’t know what to say to get them to think I’m qualified...I don’t know what to say to make the sale...

In seeing these parameters or possible limitations, you might be able to identify some fears or judgments you have about yourself or the other.  In coming at it this way, you can begin to see what is authentic and what is driven by something other than your true voice.  

All of this to say, when we don’t do the explorative work, we are stymied and don’t get much further than, “I don’t know what to say”.  When we ask ourselves good questions and introspect, we have access to way more wisdom.  

We hope this helps you get clarity on a few of your “unread” messages.  Our minds are far too powerful to leave them spinning over unsent messages day after day.  

To Precision!

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