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March 15, 2022

If you look out in the world of consulting and coaching today, you will see technique after technique…after technique.  There is nothing wrong with this approach, EXCEPT if you make the mistake of thinking the technique is responsible for getting you to the result you want.  

One of the most challenging things for us humans to get is that we have everything we will ever need for satisfaction, peace, and well-being inside of us already.  

The techniques are usually there to help us achieve something.  To reach a goal.  To become more aware.  But at the end of the road, if it is a good technique, will be the realization that you had what you needed all along. 

At the core of our work is the understanding that you hold the key to unlock the chains around your ankles.  Those chains are whatever excuses, reasons, justifications you have for not living fully.  You put the chains on, and you can take them off.  

The techniques can help you gain more perspectives and points to view your life from.  This all moves you closer to the realization that you have chained yourself up and you hold the key.  So don’t get too wrapped up in any one technique.  Or become overly dependent and think that sticking with a technique that helped in the past will be your savior in the future.  Techniques are cheap.  Wisdom is rich. 

Our intention at Workability is to offer techniques, methods, and conversations to help you see that you have always had everything you need.  

To knowing what lies on the other side of a technique

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