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October 18, 2022

When we step into a world that we think we know, one where we consider ourselves an expert, we are sometimes blind to the bias this creates.  If you know actors, directors, or anyone in the movie business, they will tell you it is hard for them to enjoy movies because they are judging every frame.  "They should have used different lights there…that camera angle is all wrong…"  They can’t see past what they see as flaws.  They can’t see past the way that they would have done it.

We can get stuck doing this in our day-to-day lives.  Sometimes we don’t even realize we are thinking of ourselves as an "expert."  It may show up in our driving, parenting, cooking, really any kind of task.  The key point for us to notice is when we become less curious.  When we are quick to write off a method that is different from our own.  When we stop being able to see clearly and absorb new information.  When we spend more time finding faults and proving how much we know, as opposed to asking questions to find out more and learn more.  

When we bring ourselves to life fresh, we are naturally curious.  We listen differently, we look differently, and we experience differently.  Thinking we know can be a dangerous quality.  Especially, if you think "you know better."  You become a walking standard bearer and more likely than not become completely unbearable to those around you.  Without curiosity we greatly diminish our own progress and our own growth. If you already know, you can’t discover, find out more, and learn something new.

To being curious

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