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March 2, 2021

At Workability we assert that the three pillars of well-being are:


Full self-expression


Responsibility - Recognizing you are the source of your experience

Full Self-Expression - Not limiting or adulterating your expressions and creativity out of fear  

Integrity - Knowing who you are and living true to that

What we have to deal and work with in order to keep each of these pillars erect and level are FEELINGS.  Some of you are happy to hear that.  Some of you are not so happy to hear that!  

Feelings are the ground on which these pillars sit and if we resist, avoid, or neglect them, the ground loses its strength and stability and the pillars lean, bang into each other, and in extreme situations sink or fall over.

Conventional wisdom tells us that feeling our emotions makes us weak, clouds our judgement, and reduces our performance.  We’re taught to cover up our feelings, talk ourselves out of them, avoid the unwanted ones, and use any means (e.g. distraction, alcohol/drugs, exercise, etc.) to keep it together.  In over forty years of experience, we have found the exact opposite to be true.  Allowing our emotions (not necessarily expressing them) keeps us connected to the source of our vitality.  

Simple, right?  Well, yes...but in practice, it often doesn’t seem simple.  We can help you put it into practice with more ease and less struggle.  

A good way to get started with our work is by participating in our online courses.  We will introduce you to some of the fundamental concepts that we address in our work in a condensed format that can be self-paced.  As an added benefit, included with each course is a 20-minute individual session with one of us.  This is an excellent opportunity to share your specific aspirations and challenges. 

Check out our full menu of online courses.  In fact, we have a free offer right now called, Getting at the Root of Public Speaking Anxiety.  Download the FIVE CRITICAL questions that we find need to be asked to get out of your anxiety and into your passion.


About US


Since 1978 Workability has been helping individuals and organizations integrate who they are with what they do. Our greatest performances, relationships, and contributions are dependent on our authentic expression of who we are.

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