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December 22, 2020

Years ago I was getting a second opinion from my (now) doctor and he commented on the other doctor's diagnosis saying, "To a hammer, everything looks like a nail."  I laughed, and then the profundity of his statement hit me.  

What a great metaphor!  Take a look for yourself, where are you a hammer in your life?  Meaning, where are you so riveted to your own perspective that no matter what is actually present, you see nails to be pounded in.  

The first doctor was a skin specialist, so he saw a skin disorder.  My other doctor was able to see that it was just a rash caused by a new lotion.  It is amazing and incredibly powerful to realize how our preconceived notions change how we see reality.  Literally, our perception of reality changes based on the beliefs we bring.  That’s powerful.  And realizing that gives you power.

So, take a look for yourself; are there any areas of your life where you are stuck in one perspective?  Where you’re limited by seeing things one way?  Where you have only one possible solution? Or there is absolutely no possible solution?

What might you be missing??  

In some ways, it’s a trick question because you can’t see what you can’t see.  But, one sneaky way to spot a rigid perspective is to notice if you are being stubborn.  That’s a good clue that you might be locked into a perspective.  Take a look around before you double down.  You can always choose to stay with your first perspective; you will never be harmed by adding additional ones.

Please tell us if any of these questions sparked any insights for you.  We love to hear from you.  

To being more than just a hammer!

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