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September 7, 2021

Most of us act like we have three mouths and half an ear.  This is true even for those of us who are quieter.  Our thoughts are a kind of mouth too, especially if they are chattering away while we are "listening."  

What if we deferred to our anatomy and put more emphasis on listening?  What would we learn?  What internal conversation would get quieter if we started listening with both ears?  

We are not taught to be good listeners.  We are taught to stand out, be loud, show and tell the world how wonderful we are.  We learn to be a bit self-absorbed and hear our voice as the narrator of not just our life, but LIFE itself.  Listening can be a way out of this absorption.  Listening is a good pill (with no side effects) to help with the egomania that can come from too much emphasis on yourself and your expression.

Can we see listening as a different way of expressing ourselves? Expressing our care, concern, interest, curiosity, love, understanding, and compassion.  Those are all expressions, too.  

More often than not, people need to hear themselves work through a problem out loud more than they need you to rush in and fix it for them.  

To listening!

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