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May 3, 2022

Do you speed up or slow down?  Be honest…

We get a yellow light from our thoughts, emotions, and sensations all the time.  There is something telling us, “pssst, slow down.”  Do you listen?  Or, do you speed up to try to beat the light?  You can get away with speeding through the light sometimes, but sometimes there’s a crash.  

What we want you to look at is how costly it can be to not slow down.  When you have that niggling feeling, the one indicating caution, the yellow light – do you push through and disregard it?  The yellow light frequently shows up as nervousness, anxiety or even irritation, and we tend not to like those experiences, so we try to barrel through.  The question for each of you to answer is what are you missing by ignoring your own yellow lights?  What sensitivities are you dulling?  What important insights are you robbing yourself of?  What future problems might you be able to avoid?

Of course it is challenging at times to slow down; we’re used to a world of get it done, get there already, you’re behind, go go go!  Feelings!?  Who has time for them? The challenge of slowing down when you’re likely going to experience an unwanted feeling can be daunting…it’s also where you might find your brilliance, true peace, and the ability to keep your attention on what matters most to you.

To paying attention to your yellow lights

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