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December 13, 2022

For those of us with dogs, we know the difference between a bark to alert us to something compared with a bark to get us to pay attention to them.  What if you considered each of your thoughts like a type of bark?  Do you know what each of your barks mean?  Can you distinguish the ones that are just trying to get you to pay attention to something compared to a bark that’s there to make you aware of something that’s important?  

Our thoughts are like an incessantly barking dog…but unlike with our dogs, we often don’t take the time to train our mind, our most valuable tool.  Our mind can take us in circles ruminating over the same upset over and over again.  Or, it can split hairs over a conversation you had yesterday where maybe you shouldn’t have said that certain something.  These are all barks to pull your attention.  And if you don’t know how to reclaim your own attention, you can suffer with the noise of constant barking.

Our Consulting work is designed to help you work with your mind not against it.  One of the best tools we’ve found to begin this process is meditation.  If you want to teach the mind, you have to practice with it.  Meditation takes away all of the distractions and leaves you with your raw mind!  This can be very uncomfortable at first.  But just like with a workout routine, if you allow yourself to be a little bit uncomfortable, over time you begin to progress.  And in meditation, that progression leads to less stress and a greater capacity to use your attention to achieve more of what you want.   If you have been interested in starting to meditate or exploring more of how our work could benefit you, join us on January 10th to start a month of practice.  

To training!

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