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January 17, 2023

We’ve been working on this newsletter for several months now.  Dropping it and then picking it back up again.  There is a really good idea in it, but we haven't quite been able to capture it in a simple email.  Which maybe is the perfect example of a the mythological Greek curse.  We have a piece of wisdom, something we think will help you, and we have been all tangled up in finding a useful way to express it.  

This is what we call a Greek curse (yes, we know the internet disagrees with this definition).  A Greek curse is when you are given a seeming advantage that ends up backfiring on you and becoming a greater liability than asset.  If you know the story of Cassandra, you understand our notion of a Greek curse.  Apollo gave her the ability to speak true prophecies, but when she rebuffed him he made it so that no one would ever believe her.  Can you imagine the frustration!?

So, in this case, our advantage is that we have your attention.  You opened this email amidst the hundreds that you get.  The curse is that we cannot express the simplicity of the idea we want to share in this format without risking overcomplicating it.

We believe that we all walk around with one or more of our own Greek curses.  What do you think?  Can you identify any of yours?  Much of our work is helping our clients identify where they are getting in their own way and where they are their own worst-enemy.  This is akin to the idea of the Greek curse.  Because oftentimes your greatest asset is the thing that causes the greatest challenge.  But, unlike in Greek mythology, we aren’t stuck.  With awareness and practice, we can change and stop repeating the same patterns.  Schedule a 20-minute exploratory session with us to see if together we can identify some areas where you might be making your life more challenging than it needs to be.

Well I think we finally cracked it!  When we started, we didn’t know we would get here by the end.

To undoing our Greek curses!

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