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May 11, 2021

The only boat that doesn’t make waves is the one moored at the dock, going nowhere.  It’s a very simple and good reminder that we could all use to hear more often.  

The challenge is, we have been given conflicting advice.  Growing up, heading into our first jobs, and in creating our families, there is a dual message:

  • Don’t make waves!
  • You gotta get out there and make some waves!

This results in a really confounding, conflicting, and frustrating experience.  All the admonitions and advice result in a lack of flow with our own instincts and passions.  

It reminds us of Eleanor Roosevelt's famous quote, "Do what you feel in your heart to be right — for you’ll be criticized anyway."

When we get busy trying to follow the rules of what’s expected of us and/or rebelling against what’s expected of us, our attention is not on "what we feel in our heart."  

We’re all going to make waves as we navigate life.  The challenge is to make sure your waves are consistent with your course. 

Seek clarity and the wisdom to bring full consciousness to all of your endeavors.  This will always serve you.  This is the work that we have been delivering to clients for over forty years.  Connect with us to learn how we can help you see yourself and your endeavors with greater clarity.

To making waves!

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