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February 9, 2021

Have you been hearing this question from friends/family/co-workers (yourself)?  It’s especially prevalent among young folks as we continue through this pandemic (even as we start to see some hope).  

"What’s the point?"  Plans, forget about them.  Certainty, not a thing anymore.  When you hear people talk about "after the pandemic," do you quietly fear that things will never get back to how they were before?  We hear people expressing this sentiment frequently.

In one way or another, the pandemic has brought up this question for so many: WHAT IS THE POINT?  If you take the hopelessness out of it, it’s actually a great question.  We’d like you all to take this opportunity to answer it.  What is your point?  Why do you get up in the morning?  

The pandemic took away many of our security blankets (aka our routines).  Our routines were comforting signals to us that we were "doing" something with our lives.  If the pandemic has left you feeling unmoored and asking yourself,  what’s the point? it might be the right time to look inside to find your point - your reason for being.  Your point (your purpose) is not something that depends on the world looking or "behaving" a certain way.  That can be challenging to accept at times.  This approach has us confront our real reasons for not doing something and takes away the handy excuse called "circumstances."

How much of your creativity would emerge if you were crystal clear about your purpose (your point)?  The solution to any problem lives in our ability to expand our minds and be creative.  When we know what our point is (our purpose), when we have an unmovable (but not ridgid) experience of who we are and what matters to us, our ability to make things work is immense.  When we don’t know our purpose the roadblocks seem insurmountable, and getting motivated feels like a Herculean effort.

When circumstances present challenges and we summon the courage to look within (as opposed to complain about what’s going on around us), we often reflect back on those challenges as the best things that ever happened to us.  How could you make the challenges of the pandemic the best things that ever happened to you, your family, and your career?  

We‘re not being callous or Pollyanna in our approach.  We are not saying, "Hey look on the bright side!"  What we are saying is that you are far more capable, competent, big-hearted, and resilient than you give yourself credit for.  And, when you opt not to express who you are and what matters to you (no matter how good the reason), it’s a terrible loss.  

To knowing your point!

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