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January 12, 2021

Is life a process or a series of results?  Most of us would say "it’s a process," because we are smart enough to realize that that’s the "right" answer.  The real question is are we wise enough to live that way?

Take a look for yourself, are you more eager to check things off your to-do list or for the experience of doing the things on your to-do list?  Have you ever said "it’s a grind?"  Or "I’ve just gotta get through this, and then I can…"

We’d argue that more often than not, folks live their lives like it’s a series of results, always looking out on the horizon for the next thing to attain, achieve, and be successful at (rarely being present with "what is," aka the process of life).  That goes both for work and personal life.  Can we enjoy a new romantic relationship, or is our focus on where it is headed?  Can we enjoy our current position or do we focus on the promotion, raise, or year-end numbers?  We could give many more examples, but we won’t.

Last week we talked about the distinction between living our lives constantly working to get what we want as opposed to working to want what we’ve got.  We ended that letter with a question: How do you maintain enthusiasm for your endeavors, while also being satisfied with what you already have?  Part of the solution to this seeming quandary is learning to appreciate the process, rather than always focusing on the results.  Pay attention this week as you move through your day, consider your to-do list as an opportunity to fulfill your vision/purpose, rather than an obstacle to surmount in order to finally reach your goal. 

To results AND process!

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