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February 8, 2022

Recently, we again came across the tragic story of the two Boeing 737 plane crashes.  It sparked an important conversation that we want to share with you.

According to some of the findings, the Boeing 737s that crashed a few years ago had a computer program that overrode the pilots actions.  What happened was that the computer believed the nose of the plane was driving up, when in fact the plane was level.  The program would then "correct" this issue by causing the nose to drop, which in fact was putting the plane into a dive.  When the pilots realized this, they would manually take the plane out of the dive, however, the computer program was again activated to lower the nose.  For every 5 seconds that the pilots had control, the computer was programmed to have 10 seconds of control.  The pilots were fighting a losing battle as they could never correct for the ten seconds of dive.  Tragically this resulted in two planes crashing with no survivors.

This kind of manual to automatic override system is what sometimes goes on in our minds when we have leftover, undealt with trauma.  Our conscious mind, what we know, is keeping our plane level.  We are doing all the right things to stay level, but somehow our nose just keeps getting pointed to the ground.  And oftentimes we can’t see that for ourselves.  This is why the same patterns keep getting replayed over and over.  It explains why a simple behavioral approach to unworkable patterns has limitations.  If you don’t understand the "programming," no matter how many times you adjust the level of the plane nose, it will always go back into a dive.

This is related to last week's newsletter about consciousness and thinking.  Our thinking can drive us to repeat what doesn’t work in our lives.  And our consciousness can save us.  Consciousness will increase our perspectives and help us see outside of the trap that our thinking has gotten us into.  Consciousness can also transcend past "programming."  Consciousness is being present with what is in reality.  

To consciousness everyday and all day

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