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April 12, 2022

Do you know those “you are here” signs in malls?  We could all use one of those when we wake up in the morning (and really throughout the whole day).  Just a quiet and simple acknowledgement of where you are emotionally, psychologically, intentionally, physically…

We are quick to put ourselves into motion.  To look at where we “should” be going.  There is no problem looking where you want to go…but, if you don’t know where you are to begin with, you risk many stumbles and falls.  Instead, draw yourself a quick map.  I am here.  I am sad, happy, challenged, doubtful, eager, productive, unproductive…  Introspecting, looking and noticing and acknowledging your current state, your current condition, will give you the clarity to take the next step.  

For example, if I want to clear up a misunderstanding with a friend, first it’s critical to recognize “I am here” –  I am angry, I am looking to prove him wrong, I want retaliation.  Just from that simple pause, you can recognize this is not a great place to be starting a dialogue.  Now, in order to get where I want to go (let’s say repair the relationship), I first need to change where I am.  I need to take a few steps to the left and a few steps back into mutuality, listening, partnership, and open, honest communication. 

It is a pretty simple formula, but one that can have an incredible effect on your life and career.  Start with “I am here.”  

To noticing where you are

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